Industrial Training Institute in karnataka

Mr. Uday Menon

BHM, MHRM, Diploma in Culinary Arts from the Le Cordon Bleu, Dallas USA.


Nitte Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Studies

Tourism and Hospitality Management is a field which are interested by many but very few choose to take up this as a profession. To those who choose such a diverse field, which includes handling different types of customers and also superiors, colleagues, subordinates. This industry is a one of the challenging industry for all, those who are in the teaching profession and also those who are perusing as students.

The infrastructure with natural surroundings has been envisioned by the management of the institute and they continue to provide the necessary inputs to develop the institute.

Our institute, serves to provide the student with an environment that prepares him or her to become a professional in the hospitality & tourism and also related fields, which is done by providing theoretical inputs and which is inculcated by practical knowledge through the various events that each student is trained to handle and be a part of learning experience throughout his/her tenure in the institute.